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The sick childrens trust orgainsed a celebrity cricket match with the Bunbury cricket club at the most expensive cricket club in the World! (August 2011)

There was a fabulous afternoon of celebrity cricket at the Honorable Artillery Company in Moorgate, London with Timmy hitting the winning runs!

These great photos are by kind permission of Joe Morgan and Keith Curtis. Copyright Joe Morgan - and copyright Keith Curtis -

Oli and James Phelps - the Weasley twins from Harry Potter - are playing for the opposition!

Heather has the lovely job of cutting 3 yards off the bottom of Timmy's trousers!

and it's a two girl job!

What a great setting!

Timmy practices standing upright!!

He's somewhere out there in the slips!!

Timmy tries to keep his hat on!

either a brilliant one handed catch or he can't stand up....

what do you mean I'm supposed to catch it!!

Timmy colours in his book!

Nice spex mate!

glamourous sponsors of the day!

The laughing kookaburra!

Armed with Mallett - Timmy marches to the crease...!

The batsman approaches!!

You mean I'm facing an England fast bowler?!

Hit my wicket and you'll get it from the Mallett!


It's heading for the boundary...

4 runs!! You've won the game!

the fearless swing!!

the look of steely determination!

the smash to the boundary!

Mick Harford can't believe it!

show me the replay NOW!


I would have got you out....

It's a pat on the back from the defeated Bunbury captain - David English.

congratulations from captain, Phil Slocombe

The winning Sick Childrens Trust team!

This chap gave a generous donation to the charity to wear Timmy's shirt and hold the Mallet!

Success always makes me smile!

Trying to compete in the colour stakes?

Esther and Timmy are guests of the evening.

Many thanks to Joe Morgan and Keith Curtis for their wonderful photos. See more of their stunning work at Joe Morgan photography and

There's more on the great work of the sick childrens Trust here.

Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation,
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770,
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB

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