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Timmy began his entertainment career in Radio as a DJ on University Radio Warwick as a student. That lead to a summer job at BBC Radio Oxford. Stints on Radio Luxembourg, and Piccadilly Radio brought him to national recognition. Two Sony Awards followed, and the lure of TV.

But Radio is still a favourite for Timmy and he regularly podcasts. Have a listen!

Timmy on BBC Radio 4's Great Lives nominated his historical hero - Richard the Lionheart

Timmy spoke to the Radio Academy on Piccadilly Radio in the 80s - Nobody does it better! Timmy, Andy Bird and Chris Evans.

Timmy celebrated his birthday with a trip to Heat Radio!
watch and enjoy!

The Radio Luxembourg DJ reunion!

Timmy on BBC Radio Ulster!

Timmy with JK & Joel on Virgin Radio!

Timmy went into XFM's breakfast show to talk to Lauren Laverne about The Beeps!

Timmy on Steve Wright in the afternoon Radio 2 show talks about the Beeps! with afternoon posse Tim Smith and Janey lee Grace

The glamourous and gorgeous Joss Stone "I love your shoes Timmy , in fact I love the whole of your outfit!"
Timmy replies "I'm just happy to be the right height for you to lean on!"

Timmy on Radio 5 Live is asked about Itsy Bitsy - is the best party song ever or Naff?!

Thanks for calling the Timmy-phone!

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Want to know more? These are a taster of just some of the fun clips Timmy uses on his radio outings!

Timmy ran Cookham's local community radio station Cookham Summer FM - The Station at the Station!! broadcast live 24 hours a day from the waiting room of Cookham Railway station! Timmy and a team of locals raised over 20,000 for the month long licence
"We had over 2000 people involved in this extraordinary celebration of summer in Cookham" said Timmy

Bank holiday weekend we consume over 63 million cans of drink! Timmy wants us to recycle them all - into hats?!

Star FM's breakfast duo Darren and James saw Timmy on stage and then challenged him to the loudest BLAH!

Timmy is let loose on BBC Radio Berkshire!

Colin and Edith and their lucky on air winners Gary and Ian meet the mallet on Radio 1! Find out more here!

Trev and Simon TV comedy heroes!

Timmy gets in full flow for Sports Relief!!

Timmy on the tranny back on Radio Oxford!

To help out over Easter Timmy was back on BBC Radio Oxford's afternoon slot 2-5pm.
"It's not what we're used to" said the station bosses! Timmy in his usual shy and retiring way said "perhaps they can listen faster?!"

Timmy on the tranny?!

Manchester's Key 103 were celebrating Manchester Kids week recently and Timmy dropped in to help them fund raise.
With DJ Warren Moore, Timmy auctioned a Pinky Punky mallet and was game enough to allow a listener to pay 250 to smash up Itsy Bisty on air! Well it was either that or sing it!!!!

Timmy loves the radio! He first began broadcasting as a student at Warwick University on the student radio station.
Then he moved to BBC Radio Oxford and onto Piccadilly Radio where he developed his unique style of fun and inventive shows.

Timmy has won Sony awards in the world of pop radio.

In speech radio Timmy has led the way bringing together comedy and current affairs for wide ranging audiences.

You can't keep him off the air! Timmy will be back on the airwaves again soon!

Timmy on the Tranny:
Radio Oxford,
Centre Radio
Radio Luxembourg
Piccadilly Radio
Drivetime, BBC Three Counties Radio
Presented Network Chart (Only person to host and then top the chart)
Radio 1 Roadshows
BBC schools presenter and actor

Radio Awards:

Sony DJ of the year Timmy accepted his award from Princess Margaret (with local Radio presenter Susie Mathis)
'Who's been scribbling on your dress your royal highness?!'

Sony best music show for Timmy on the Tranny!

Click here to find out more about Timmy's daredevil radio stunts at Piccadilly!


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Click here for more about Timmy on Radio

Timmy at Radio Luxembourg

Radio Luxembourg Reunion 2008!

Timmy at Piccadilly Radio

Timmy at Centre Radio

Timmy on the Network chart

Timmy at BBC Radio Oxford

Timmy on Radio 1 roadshows

Timmy at BBC Three Counties

Timmy is often asked to record promos or station idents. BBC Radio Humberside put this out on air!

Timmy's brilliant Radio station Cookham Summer FM!! The Station at the Station! Olympic Gold winner Steve Redgrave was on!

Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB