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Timmy has designed and promoted many different products. With a sense of what's young, fun and exciting he has brought many successful brands to the shops! Take a look at the range of brilliant things Timmy has designed and endorsed!

Pinky Punky & Hanky Panky - cuddly soft Mallets! Every kid wants one!

The Doritos dodgeball challenge got Timmy playing dodgeball online! It's brilliant. Have a go! here! See the pix from Timmy's dodgeballing efforts here!

I want one of have asked Timmy to host their brand new game! It's brilliant. Have a go! here!

MONSTER MUNCH! Timmy has recorded a passionate funny appeal for Monster Munch!

The Timmy Mallett Comic - Read me and laugh yourself silly!

RECYCLING TIN CANS Timmy is heading a campaign on radio, to encourage recycling tin cans - into hats?! Find out more here!!!

FIAT ADVERT In 2002, Timmy was the star of a massive campaign on the telly, in the newspaper, on radio and on billboards The ad highlights that the car prices were the same as in 1992 - so what better way to illustrate the year than with Timmy! Watch it here!!!

COKE - MUSICAL CHAIRS! In 2004 Timmy hosted the final of the national Coca Cola win a car playing musical chairs competition! You can see the hilarious pictures here!

Voice overs and In flight radio shows for The Oxford Story, Legoland, comics, and various Airlines

In-Vision commercials for Fruit Loop, Benylin, Cherry Coke, Tomy toys and most recently McDonalds and FIAT cars among others

Timmy Mallett's Utterly Brilliant Magic Spell Game (board game)

Books - How to be Utterly Brilliant & The Utterly Brilliant history of the World

Videos - Timmy Mallett's Utterly Brilliant Paint Box, & Utterly Brilliant Magic Box

Nigel the Neighbour - A range of bedroom accessories featuring the colourful koala


Utterly Brilliant Specs Best selling range of specs for kids

Niggly Noo - Cuddly soft toy creature

Pinky Punky

Timmy comic

back to 1992?

Voice overs and commentaries

Recycling cans

In vision adverts

Timmy spex

Magic spell board game

Timmy videos

Nigel the neighbour

Niggly Noo

Timmy books

Timmy learns to speedstack with the UK and World champion - Kate Parker!

Contact Timmy via:
John Miles Organisation
Tel: 01275 854675 / 856770
Fax: 01275 810186
Cadbury Camp Lane, Clapton in Gordano, Bristol, BS20 7SB