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Timmy has always had an interest in childrens' charities and is especially interested in any that deal with drama, education, sport and helping children to achieve their potential or have their dreams come true.

Down's syndrome has a special place in Timmy's heart, and the sterling work of Mencap

Martin and Timmy at Newton Dee Village, Aberdeen

Timmy's older brother Martin has down's syndrome and lives in a self help community in Aberdeen. The Camphill village Trust at Newton Dee village, Bieldside, Aberdeen has successfully fought the intrusive routing of the new Western relief road around Aberdeen and Timmy is proud to have supported them in their fight.There is more at save camphill

Timmy and the Camphill Trust at Aberdeen

Timmy and the children of White Waltham primary school visit the Thames Valley Air Ambulance at Maidenhead

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance has been operating since 1999 and Timmy has often seen the fluroscent yellow helicopter flying over his house. He was amazed to find it needs a million pounds a year to keep it operating 7 days a week. The Air Ambulance makes up to 10 emergency calls a day.

St Deiniol's Library in North Wales - a brilliant centre for residential study

St Deiniol's Library in Hawarden, North Wales was founded by Prime Minister Gladstone in 1902. Timmy's family connection began with his dad, Michael Mallett who trained as a clergyman there in the 1960s.
This residential library helps clergy and others on sabbaticals and retreats and is used by hundreds of people from around the world.
A recent course of "Greek in a week!" helped people to discover the pleasure of residential study.
It's an important centre that Timmy is proud to be associated with.

Timmy and St Deiniol's library

Peter and the Wolf

Click here for more about Timmy's performance of Peter and the Wolf with a 50 piece orchestra!

Timmy and the Camphill Trust at Aberdeen

Timmy and St Deiniol's Library

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance had an exciting visit from Timmy.

Timmy and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance

The new Church bells at Cookham.

Who's bats in the belfry?!

Timmy is Trustee of Family Friendly Churches a charity aiming at making Churches more appealing to families.

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