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Timmy's out of the jungle...

Timmy may be out of the jungle.. but there's plenty more to come. Yep, in this exclusive blog we'll bring you the behind the scenes stories of Timmy's time on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here and what happens next!

Stick with us... because anything really could happen!

The Railway Children prints are signed!

Posted on April 30th, 2010 by admin

Timmys set of Railway Children Paintings are launched this weekend at the Keighly & Worth Valley railway to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic family film.


Three of the paintings are in Limited Edition print signed by Timmy, and stars of the 1970 movie - Jenny Agutter, Sally Thomsett and Bernard Cribbins!


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Timmy on the tranny lunch!

Posted on April 12th, 2010 by admin

We met at Langans on Stratton Street. Nobby No Level, Prof Brian  Cox and Timmy on the tranny.

We talked about the wonders of the Solar System, the wonders of Piccadilly Radio, and the wonders of seafood souflee!

We havent seen Brian since he brought his keyboards into the studio to do jingles for the nighttime Piccadilly Radio show in 1985.  Who had the bigger hit? Things can only get better or Itsy Bitsy?

It was a lot easier to settle as the afternoon wore on.


But one thing we couldnt agree on - the scientific evidence for Full Moon-itis! The reason people behave strangely around Full Moon. We think it deserves more consideration.


Have a listen to Timmys podcast on ambition. Its about Brian Cox.

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DVD gets hitched with OK magazine!

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 by admin

David Van Day and Sue Moxley tied the knot at  a glamourous bash with OK magazine and Living TV in attendance Feb 2010.

My present was a framed jungle original painting showing the two of us sitting by the jungle camp fire near the famous red double decker bus - the cause of so many frictions and arguments throughout Im a celebrity get  me out of here! (2008)

At our table were Shane Ritchie (Eastenders Alfie Moon), Lee John (imagaination), Sam Fox and Lucy Benjamin (Im a celebrity 2009).

Entertainment for the 200 guests came from Ray Low and The Drifters.

You can see more photos in OK magazine - first week of March; and the wedding is featured on Living TVs - 4 weddings - where 4 brides attend and judge each others wedding!

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To kill a rat.

Posted on December 7th, 2009 by admin

What a lot of fuss about killing a rat to eat! Are the Australian RSPCA upset about killing or eating the rat on Im a Celebrity get me out of here?  To charge Gino and Stewart they must be mad!

But Timmy youre  a vegetarian!  So dont expect me to eat it! But when youre in a starving hungry situation things might be different.


We pay a lot to eat oysters!

Im reminded of the fuss last year when I found a  bright blue freshwater crayfish under a rock near the washing up area.

Quick fetch the pan and well cook it! I cried. The others rushed over and the producers got in a panic Celebrities leave the wildlife alone! the tannoy boomed. But by then Id already decided to let it go, when I found 7 little baby crayfish under its tail. This was a mother hiding with her young and I certainly wasnt going to harm it, even though we were famished.

Unlike the previous German show where a loud rock star had caught and eaten crayfish and yabbies found in the creek. The producers were in a panic!

Of course lots of bits of animal are used in bush tucker trials and every year celebrities are encouraged to bite the heads off live witchedy grubs. So why then is there a fuss over killing and eating a rat when they are hungry? I certainly wouldnt eat the rat, but Ill defend the right of others to kill and eat it!

Ill just have the same old rice and beans thanks.

Listen to Timmys podcast on this here!

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Whos going to win?

Posted on December 3rd, 2009 by admin

Ive been asked by the press for my tip to win.  Click to see who I think will be the champ.


In last years ceremony the producers were embarrassed that my hat was better decorated than the winners crown! Time to make a better effort in the art department we think!

Ill be on This Morning ITV1 Friday to discuss this years series  and its highs and lows.


Ive been busy with more jungle art

This box canvas painting features paper bark from the jungle and is the view from down the stream towards the pool where the celebrities swim and bathe. Itll be on show at the Watergate Street Gallery, Chester during my next exhibition starting December 30th.

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Im a Celebritea pot!

Posted on December 2nd, 2009 by admin

Timmy has designed a special Im a celebritea pot using a Pinky Punky Mallet, spare pair of spex and tree bark from the jungle!



Itll be auctioned at the Typhoo tea celebritea pot site starting on Friday December 4th in aid of Sport for all!

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Jungle trials and miniature portraits!

Posted on November 30th, 2009 by admin

Saturday night, second week is trail to the death night. Same day last year they threw me into the Last Chance saloon. Several things were odd that day. The way it was staged having to look through my opponent to see Ant & Dec; the double rules -slam down the empty plate, or glass AND show an empty mouth - Blaah! added to the twist that one of us was vegetarian.  But I guess they needed to do that to give the other bloke half a chance!

What a difference a year on. How polite and generous Stewart and Joe were to each other!  


minitaure artist Bill Mundy turned up on Saturday with this wonderful minitaure portrait of me in jungle gear. He exhibited it at the British society of minitaurist artists this year and won universal praise for it.

Im delighted with my very own copy and its good to be reminded of my jungle trials!


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Who cant stand it?

Posted on November 23rd, 2009 by admin

There were three great highlights on last nights show.

George Hamilton, the funster of the camp, winning the bush battle when he guessed an hour had passed to within 2 SECONDS! Brilliant! I love those Hollywood teeth, the big grins and the mischief!

Our Bush battle entailed as long as you can stand in a freezing tank of smelly water! I sang itsy bitsy while peeing to keep warm! It worked!

Joe Bugner got my vote when he put his arm round Kim and gave her a kiss. It takes a big man to make a peace offering like that. But then he would be the only one who could reach an arm around the enormous Kim!

Jordans best moment - breaking up Kims angry confrontation with Joe. It was Katie at her surprising best. and didnt she stand up to her role well?   But now shes gone itll be interesting to see who gets a look in. Kim lovey? Starey eyes Joe? Gino the cheffo? or any of the also theres?

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Watch out for stuff that bites!

Posted on November 20th, 2009 by admin

During last years jungle romp I got an infection in my toe that Dr Bob had to treat for several days and afterwards a nasty case of bursitis - that almost kept me off stage during panto!

Stuff bites in there!  Joe Bugner is right to warn everyone. We had something scary scuttling around in the cave, and there were several creatures worth avoiding (Kilroy, and Paddick spring to mind!)

Dont believe them when they say its alright to come back with 4 stars. The food is minimal and rice and beans are utterly dull!

And to those who say - bet they sneak in a pizza to you - dont you believe it! Security is so tight that if you so much as step one pace beyond their permitted perimeter or head off on your own for a bit of solitude, theres a security guard with blacked out face, in camoflage gear to send you back into camp!

Theres no escape! Even their watch face is covered (so you never know the time) - take a look at Ant and Dec during the trials  and see their watches have tape over the face. And everyones ITV id tags are turned away so you cant see their names. We freaked them out when we called them by their first names! How do you know who I am???? I can read silly!

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Who can you trust in Im a Celebrity?

Posted on November 17th, 2009 by admin

Theres only one person you can trust, he said to me hours before going in, and thats me!

Doctor Bob was right. Everyone else in there or attached to the show has their own agenda. The Producers in the Bush Telegraph have an agenda, the other people in the camp, even the shrink!

But Doctor Bob is different. Hes the one I discussed the tasks with and who I confided in.


 In our discussions I asked Bob if it might be better to stick your left hand into dark holes with things that nip? Good idea Timmy . I never thought of that before, Ill pass that on! he said.

And did you notice? On the first show this series there was Sam Fox putting her left hand into the dark hole with crabs that nip!


The list of dos and donts and the producer giving me last minute instructions. Go in there and cause mayhem! 


Dont trust them - any of them!

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