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Timmy Mallett is in the jungle for ITV's hit reality show!


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look No hands! Climbing the bridge is easy just as long as you DON'T LOOK DOWN! !

They like celebrities on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. "Sing us Itsy Bitsy" they cried. Timmy did. They cried some more!

Those little ants on the bridge are so small they could be little ants...

It's 36 degrees on top of the bridge...time to cool off with a swim around my favourite harbour... No worries about the sharks - the crocs got em all!

I was hiding on top of a giant termite mound when I heard Jordan had been booted out of the jungle.
Is this what her jugs will look like in years to come????

stay in the jungle long enough and you start to look like a local!

Timmy's cousin Katy talks true love to GMTV's Ben Shepard on the phone...She really fancies him and is really embarassed to be mentioned here!

Peter meets his replacement perhaps?


Timmy and the GMTV team

Time for a sundowner for us hard working TV types!

Peter Andre has been up to something fishy with Jordan. On the other side of my plush hotel is the world famous peter's fish place, where you can get the best nosh on the planet. Is this where he got his fishy ideas???

I'm a celebrity...but I'm not going without food!


Poor Razor Ruddock has lost all interest in the jungle
cos all he cares about is grub! "Who ate all the pies?"
was written specially for him, and the night before he
went into the jungle he had a huge feed in the hotel
followed by a Macdonalds next door. Hey Neil,
MacDonalds is waiting for you!!!!

Now Timmy - before you go in the jungle we have to see
if you are nuts enough!

You've picked up the examination paper - that's proof
enough you are bonkers!

Looks like Timmy is still enjoying the luxury lifestyle...

While the celebrities starve in the jungle, Timmy's on a seafood diet...see food and eat it!

What happened when Timmy went filming for a behind the scenes ITV2 show?

Which way's the jungle then? Indicate!

Ariel the director and Timmy discuss shots. How
does this camera actually work then?

A limo or bike Mr mallett?

Timmy learns that Johnny Rotten is still locked in
the jungle showing no signs of wanting to come out.

Little lost TV people. What do we do now?

I forgot my bucket and spade, can i borrow yours?

Isn't there an easier way of getting up here?

Jungle or beach...hmm let me see?

What do you mean, someon's knocked my sandcastle down?

The clean and healthy non polluting aussie

Man at the back - one day son, when you're a
celebrity, you too will ride a bike like that...

Right now where do we get a board?

Hi Stuart, can we borrow yours?

Ta mate, can you show me how it works?

So i hide behind here right and you do my stunt
work for me?

Where are the waves then

'Great action shot. isn't it?


I'm a celebrity, leave me on the beach!

Action hero

Can I get a lucrative endorsement contract please?

eye eye

Ariel, Timmy and Steve (who took these shots)

Interview time

I'm a celebrity you know!

Nice view on the beach! you know!


In the next set of photos Timmy gets used to life in 5 star luxury!

It's hard life of having breakfast next to a
shark infested swimming pool - NOT!

Get me out of here? No chance!

Timmy met wideawakers Ruth and Ian
(my mates wont believe me when I ring them and say
guess who I've met?!) and they jumped in the sea in order to get an autograph...
... they started singing Its wacaday no school today
etc, and then "could we have an autograph please Mr
"Only if you jump in the sea."
So they did...

Even Jordan doesn't match up to this view!

Are these the right clothes for surfing?!

This pool looks more natural than the one in the jungle!

Fancy a tinny, Timmy?!

Forget Jordan and Kerry...Timmy has made some new friends!

Who's on the radio Timmy? Not Mike Read I hope!

First class on Qantas! ..What more could you want than a seat that turns into a bed?!

Red Hair? Get me out of here!

Son Billy and wife Lynda wave goodbye...Two whole weeks without him playing Itsy Bitsy? Excellent!

Before arriving in the jungle Timmy practised in his own garden!

John Lydon speaks ******* politely to Timmy!

Peter Andre's singing is nearly as good as Timmy's!

Timmy notices Jordan has taken her kit off!

As good as Timmy on the radio? No chance Mike!

Not another royal story Jennie Bond!

So Lord Brockett...You want to borrow 15 million?!

So Neil want a keepy-uppy competition?



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