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Wide Awake Club Reunion!

It was in October 1984 that the first Wide Awake Club went to air on TVam, hosted by Timmy Mallett, Arabella Warner and James Baker.
2O years on the WAC team were back together again for a reunion party night.
Michaela Strachan flew in from Cape Town, Neil Mularkey (the other half of the Sound Asleep club) came to reminisce with Dr Pete, producer Nick Wilson and the rest of the production team.

Everyone brought memories and memorabilia. There were the huge WAC posters, WAC annuals and the WAC books. Everyone was given an original Wide Awake Club badge. (They are like gold dust now. if you have one. Hold onto it - they are valuable!) Timmy found his original greay Wide Awake Club T shirt and his painted Jacket worn on filming days all those years ago....

WAC together again!

Do we look like our poster? Oh No! James is still wearing the same shirt!

Wide Awake Club memorabilia! Annuals, and WAC treasures - the recipe and joke books!

Producer Nick Wilson was delighted to re-read the press release outlining what would be in the show. "It was written before we had any idea what would be in the show! so we had to pad it out a bit!"

Michaela did the pilot WAC show with a dance troup called Wacky Feet! She was brilliant and got a job on the presenting team immediately!

Waca-Phil Parsons wrote the Wide Awake Club annuals. He did such a great job, we kept him on to come up with some of the nuttiest ideas on the show!

Gabby and Bolly - best friends still! After Alvin Stardust and WAC, Gabby is now at CBBC and Arabella is a top TV script writer!

Neil Mularkey - the other half of the Sound Asleep duo with Mike Myers!
"We only ever did 5 appearances but they have gone down as legendary!"

Arabella, Michaela and Timmy - is that a singing in shower jacket?!

Dr Pete was our medical Wide awaker!

Hilary - AKA Hat, ran the office and was inspired to go on and become a writer - 36 children's books so far!!

Aisling one of the funniest members of the production team. Ash co-wrote Timmy's Utterly Brilliant History of the World. Typical of Ash's WAC gags "What do you do in the dark ages? Turn the lights on!!!"

Natasha loved the Outside broadcasts we did.

The Wide Awake Club went out on TVam every Saturday morning and WAC EXTRA every Sunday morning from 1984 til 1989.

Popular and long running features on Saturday mornings included Ghosts Monsters and legends! Bonk n Boob! Wactors and Wactresses! Heroes and heroines! Wac Snax! Singing in the shower! Silly Senses!
Did you ever win a Wac Sac? or the wonderful yellow Wac pacs?
Let us know your favourite Wide Awake Club Memories!

Do you have a Wide Awake Club memory?
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My Wide Awake Club Moment!

Is there a bit of Wide Awake Club history that you still want to know?

You can ask Timmy your questions on the Wac-A-Questions page...and he'll answer them personally!

The press release reads "WAC starts on Saturday October 13th at 8.30am...crammed full of those unespected moments that only come with Live TV...don't forget to tune in!"

Big Ted obviously fascinated in what Michaela has to say!

Rolf Harris teaches Arabella cartooning. Can you tell what it is yet?!

Get that nut a haircut!

The Housemartins with Norman Cook!

Hull's finest band practise smiling!

James and Tommy (in Lord Reithian mode)

Another WAC pet! more smells and poo on the studio floor...

New year's day 1987. Live and sober and utterly bonkers!

launch day October 1984! Braces????!

Depeche Mode make a WAC appearance with Charles Golding presenting too!

James, Bolly, Dr Pete and Tommy by Camden Lock

are we short of a chair or what?!

Deck the halls with boughs of Bolly!


James about to climb to the top...!

who's got the weirdest present?!

HEAR some Wide Awake Club memories...

Producer Nick Wilson

Dr Pete


Hilary - HAT

Neil Mularkey - Sound Asleep Club


Waca - Phil


who is this fresh faced nutcase?!

Do you have a Wide Awake Club memory?
Tell us!

My Wide Awake Club Moment!

...and to celebrate 20 years of Timmy on the Telly, we've collected together tons of brilliant Timmy promotional cards. Take a look at Timmy through the ages!

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