The Utterly Brilliant Pinky Punky is the best friend you could have in the world and now you can own him! Find out how to buy him on this page and you can also get your hands on some other utterly brilliant Timmy Mallett stuff!


£9.99 + 99p p+p

Chunky Punky is round and lovable, easy going and ALWAYS hungry! he's not fat - he's chunky!

He's the ideal Mallet for Hanky Panky to practice her makeovers on, transforming him into a dashing film star, or TV celebrity - until something always goes wrong and it's time to call on Pinky Punky and his mates to come to the rescue!

Chunky Punky never gives up his food for anything or anyone! Favourite time of day? "dinner time!"


£2.50+50p p+p

It's brand new and it's utterly brilliant!!! Show your mouse that you care by giving it a great Timmy mousemat to sit on...It's got loads of utterly brilliant jokes on and is dead funny! And yes, Pinky Punky is on it as well!


£1.00+30p p+p

Buy one...or two...or three...or four...It's the Utterly Brilliant Timmy badge. Have you got every colour?


£8.50+75p p+p

Get the utterly brilliant 'I've Been Malleted Here' cap. One size fits all heads - if you haven't got a head, stick it on your shoulders!


£2.99+50p p+p

Timmy's written it himself - so it's bound to be completely bonkers! It's where you can find out about everything that's happened in the history of the world - from the beginning of time till this morning!


Always a big favourite, this album includes Timmy's hits Itsy Bitsy and Seven Little Girls. Great for parties or to sing along to in the car. Oh yeah! The album is available in three versions:

Standard Album: (Cassette: 5.99 + 60p p&p;Vinyl Album: 7.99+60p p&p)

Non-Stop Party Mix: (Vinyl Album: 7.99 + 60p p&p)

Karaoke Album: (CD: 7.99 +60p p&p; Vinyl Album: 7.99 + 60p p&p)



£1.50+50p p+p

Keep your pencils happy by putting them in the Timmy pencil case - covered in funny stuff done by Timmy, Magic and Pinky Punky!


£8.99+99p p+p

See Timmy and his various artistic cousins getting arty in the Utterly Briliant Paintbox Video!

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