Not only does Timmy Mallett present Beat the Best, he also produces it! In 1992 he set up his own production company, Brilliant TV, that makes loads of great telly! Timmy's career in television spans back to the 1980s when he was plucked from the radio to present The Wide Awake Club and spin-off series Wacaday for TV-am. Both lasted ages and made Timmy a massive superstar! Since then he's presented loads of other programmes like Utterly Brilliant, Way to Go and Timmy Towers...You can find out about them all on his websites:

Timmy Mallett:
Brilliant TV:
Timmy Towers:

Timmy is well qualified for presenting Beat the Best - because he loves sport! He loves playing and watching football (supporting Oxford United), cricket and golf and has cycled the London to Brighton annual event. His bike proudly has a coumputer that tells him how far he's gone and how many times he's fallen off! He also enjoys scuba diving, and water sports, but don't ask him to bungee jump. Life's exciting enough!

Timmy Mallett

Kate Russell

Multi-talented Kate Russell presents loads of shows on Sky TV. She hosts "Chips With Everything" and "Which On-Air" for the [.tv] technology channel and is also a presenter on children's channel - Nickelodeon, Channel 4 Sky Sports and internet channel - NOW! Kate is also an acclaimed journalist and regularly writes for a number of computing magazines including Computer Life, PC Review and Computer Active. Phew!

Among Kate's likes are cats (she's got one - called Pants!), singing, waterskiing and socialising while she doesn't like bullies, traffic jams or mushrooms!

Kate has her own website - why not take a look:

Kate Russell:

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